Airlines With The Best Vegetarian Food

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Airplane food is not always the most popular amongst passengers, especially those that follow a specific diet. However, airlines have really been upping their food game and know that it is a crucial part of the passenger experience.

There are a huge number of vegetarians and health-conscious travelers out there and airlines like Delta and United have certainly taken notice. Now by default, both airlines offer vegetarian options on the base menu so there isn’t a need to preorder in advance.

Outside of them and US airlines it made us wonder who had the best vegetarian offering out of all the airlines? On most, especially Middle Eastern and Asian carriers, you still need to order in advance but the offerings are even better than the US Airline spreads.

We dove through menus, pictures, reviews, and even tried many of these meals ourselves – to come up in our opinion the airlines with the best vegetarian food.

1. Emirates

Emirates is the flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates and one of the most traveled airlines in the world. Recognized for its luxurious in-flight experience, at least in terms of soft product, Emirates ensures its vegetarian passengers are satisfied with traditional Arabic Mezze, aromatic Indian vegetarian dishes, to Mediterranean salads bursting with fresh ingredients.

The airline is also typically has a vegetarian starter, main, and snack on all their long haul routes but it may be the best option to pre-order in advance.

2. Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is one of the major players in the American aviation scene. Lately, the airline has been trying to cater to its passengers’ palates by constantly updating their global food offering. A huge benefit is you typically don’t need to pre-order vegetarian meals on Delta as all flights tend to have at least one standard option on the menu.

Delta offers an array of flavorful and balanced options for the vegetarian flier but dishes often include Italian pastas to refreshing Asian-inspired salads. Their commitment to quality is evident in their use of fresh ingredients wherever possible. Their tasty vegetarian wraps and specialty snacks also ensure a satisfying meal experience on shorter haul routes.

3. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is a beacon of luxury in the aviation world and consitantly ranks as one of the best airline with some of the best airline seats in the sky. It does not compromise when catering to its vegetarian passengers, and that’s why it is one of the airlines with the best vegetarian food.

The airlines works with a rich tapestry of Middle Eastern flavors infused into their meals. Dishes like saffron-infused vegetable biryanis or stuffed bell peppers with couscous highlight their menu as well as the traditional Arabic mezze.

Every meal feels crafted and includes fresh vegetables, aromatic spices, and detailed preparation techniques. For vegetarians seeking luxury with their in-flight meal, Qatar Airways offers an experience par excellence.

4. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is symbolic of the vibrant island nation it represents and it does it very well. On its menu, the airline brings a symphony of flavors to its vegetarian passengers by offering aromatic South Indian curries to delicate East Asian vegetable stir-fries.

We’ve tried Singapore Airlines on a number of occasions including an A380 from Mumbai to Singapore and an A350 from Singapore to Newark, the longest flight in the world.

Singapore Airlines also offers those in Business or First class departing Singapore many pre choice options known as “Book The Cook”, expanding to many vegetarian options you may not see on a default menu on board. The dining experience resembles a top-tier restaurant so you won’t want to miss trying the food on your next flight.

5. Air Canada

Air Canada, the largest airline of the Great White North, understands the essence of catering to a global clientele, making it one of the airlines with the best vegetarian food. Their vegetarian offerings include grain bowls enriched with Canadian produce to comforting vegetable stews, every bite has a touch of home.

The airline prides itself on its commitment to quality, often opting for organic and sustainable ingredients. Plus, their innovative rotating menu ensures frequent fliers always have something new to look forward to.

6. Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines reflects the vast and diverse spirit of the state it represents. By doing so, it offers a unique spin on in-flight vegetarian options including quinoa salads sprinkled with Pacific Northwest flavors and heartwarming vegetable curries. The airline understands the importance of clean and health-conscious meals and we’ve covered that in our complete guide to Alaska Airlines food.

Alaska Airlines’ commitment to sustainability shines through, with efforts to source local ingredients and reduce environmental impact. Furthermore, their snacks and beverages complement the vegetarian meal options.

7. British Airways

British Airways, the UK’s flag carrier, extends a fairly significant vegetarian meal offering given the popularity of diet in the UK. The veggie menu blends British culinary traditions with international flair. Classic dishes like vegetables and shepherd’s pie meet exotic options like spiced chickpea tangines and classic Indian curries.

The airline selects high-quality ingredients. It aims to provide a gourmet experience high above the clouds. Besides the main courses, their selection of artisanal cheeses, fresh fruits, and desserts ensures a complete dining experience.

8. Cathay Pacific

Hailing from the vibrant city of Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific marries the East and West in all it’s food offerings. Rooted in Asian culinary traditions while embracing global influences, their vegetarian menu includes stir-fried tofu with seasonal vegetables in zesty sauces stand alongside Mediterranean vegetable casseroles.

Cathay Pacific takes pride in sourcing premium ingredients, often organic, to ensure freshness and taste. The airline also celebrates its roots with delightful Asian vegetarian snacks and light bites.

9. United Airlines

United Airlines is not always know for good food but their vegetarian offering is actually quite good. Responding to the global health-conscious and diverse eating trend, United offers vegetarian dishes that reflect American favorites and international classics. Think hearty vegetable lasagnas, vibrant grain bowls, and zesty tofu stir-fries.

Accompanied by a range of snacks, salads, and beverages that align with vegetarian preferences, United ensures a comprehensive and satisfying dining experience.

For a full breakdown see our full guide to their food and beverage offering.

Summary & Takeaways

In today’s age of global travel, the journey is just as significant as the destination. This is especially true for vegetarian travelers who want something more satisfying than a cold pre packaged meal and airlines have noticed.

Gone are the days that most airlines require you to preorder a vegetarian meal in advance and have moved to making it a default part of their offering. From the Middle Eastern luxuries of Qatar Airways to the multicultural options of Singapore Airlines, each airline brings its unique touch to vegetarian cuisine.

These airlines prove that, with a little innovation and dedication, in-flight meals can transcend expectations. They can become gourmet experiences in their own right. So, the next time you’re jetting off to a distant land, remember that with the right airline, your culinary adventure can begin long before touchdown.

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