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Bangkok is by far the most populous city in Thailand and is the countries capital. It is one of Asia’s most cosmopolitan cities showcasing temples, palaces, canals, busy markets and a vibrant nightlife that has something for everyone. Bangkok is a major tourist destination especially for westerners traveling to that side of the world.

Airports Near Bangkok

Bangkok is serviced by two main airports, both servicing international and domestic flights. If you are flying directly from the US then you will be landing in BKK, which is Bangkok’s main airport and the busiest airport in Southeast Asia.

AirportTaxi To CenterEst Taxi Price
Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK)30 min$35
Don Muang Airport30 min$25

Both airports are about 19 miles from the city centre, so be prepared for a long ride to get into the city. Going via taxi is by far the most convenient way to travel through the bustling streets of Bangkok. Although be awareBangkok suffers from heavy traffic congestion and make sure you factor this into your timing.

Airlines Flying ToBangkok

Given the distance, no airlines fly direct from the US to Bagkok. The main reason is the FAA downgraded Thailands aviation safety rating in 2015 and no airline has been able to offer nonstop service since. There have been no major incident since but the FAA still hasn’t budged.

Fear not though as there are still many options to fly to Thailand. Thai Airways is the main carrier out of bangkok and we’ve flown their 777 in business class and while the experience was decent, we’re surprised they no longer offer nonstop service to the US.

Given the lack of coverage, there are many airlines offering 1 stop service and for travelers they are some of the best. A typically flight between the US and any city in Thailand is about 14 hours. With 1 stop this will typically increase your time between 16 – 20 hours.

While you could choose a major US airline like Delta, United, or American, there are also options on Asia based airlines like Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and more. Not only will you enjoy the comfort of a great seat but these airlines offer some of the best food in the sky.

We will break down the best airlines offering service with 1 stop and how best to get there.

Airfare to Bangkok

Ticket prices to Bangkok can vary depending on season and they don’t come cheap. You can expect to pay between $700 – $850 roundtrip in the off season and $800 – $1,200 during peak season. There is also a big difference where you are departing from with flights to Bangkok from most major cities in the US, given the cheaper options from the west coast. We like using Skyscanner to find the best deal and their compare page makes it easy.

Here is a breakdown of average round trip prices by month.

Skyscanner Bangkok Flights by Month

There is also a tool that can run a compare of various cities if you have set dates or months in mind. All you need to do is enter a timeframe for departure and Skyscanner does the rest.

Skyscanner Cheapest Flights to Bangkok

You can find all Skyscanner tools on this page here and utilize this info to find the best flight deal.

Best First Class

It feels like not many airlines offer First Class anymore but on this route there are still plenty of options via cities in Asia and the Middle East. Airlines such as ANA, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, and more have top notch offerings and offer some of the best airplane seats money can buy.

Also given the many routings it is possible to book many of these flights with credit card points via a partner like Air Canada Aeroplan by transferring them in. We’ll cover how to in each section.

1. ANA “The Suite” First Class Boeing 777

ANA has long been the premiere first class product to fly into Japan and it still holds as one of the best first class in the world. On this route you can depart from many major US cities via Tokyo and then onwards to Bangkok. Specifically award travelers strategize constantly on how to make a booking that often go for over $10,000 in cash rates. ANA first class suites offer some of the most space and largest IFE screens out of any airline. You can also expect the highest quality Japanese food on routes from multiple major American cities. Luckily it is not impossible to book this seat as an award rate – find out how in our guide to booking ANA award tickets to Japan.

2. Singapore Airlines A380 First Class

Singapore Airlines released their game changer first class suite and it truly is a studio in the sky. Similar to a mini apartment, Singapore Airlines provides passengers with separate seating and bedding, with dedicated spaces to even roam around your area. The privacy in this first class seat is unmatched and combined with Singapores well known incredible service. The only reason this may not be everyones first option is the difficulty in booking, with cash rates often being north of $12,000 and points bookings hard to come by. If you are able to snag this seat it will truly be a once in a lifetime aviation experience.

3. Emirates A380 First Class

When it comes to first class, Emirates is certainly a leader in the category. The unique design and level of detail makes you feel like you are flying in a luxurious private jet. Emirates still operates a huge fleet of A380s, the largest plane in service, giving plenty of room for passengers seats as well as a first class shower. In addition you can get an escape from your seat to visit the onboard bar but with the amount of space they provide it’d be hard to waste any time outside of it.

4. Cathay Pacific 777 First Class

Cathay Pacific, the leading airline based in Hong Kong, still offers one of the best first class experience to passengers. While there is no suite door, the seat is designed to still provide plenty of privacy and is oversized to give a lot of space. Cathay also provides top of the line service, from caviar to some of the best champagne you can buy. Cathay makes this booking available via Cathay Miles or other Oneworld partners for a very reasonable amount of 130,000 Asia miles from New York to Bangkok.

5. Thai Airways 747 First Class

We couldn’t have a list of the best airlines to fly to Bangkok without Thai Airways. The flag carrier of the country used to be known as one of the leading airlines in the world. Given a recent bit of struggle, the airline still operates a true first class cabin on their 747. Not only will you get a full flat seat, but the cusine will give you a taste of Thailand even prior to arrival. Given they do not operate flights directly to the US, you can take this flight by connecting onwards to destinations they serve such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, and more.

Best Business Class

When there are so many first class options available, it may be hard to compare them to business class. Given the sheer amount of options though, there are some business class flights that can arguably be nicer than other airlines first class.

If you are interested in a full flight bed, top notch food, and don’t want to shell out the extra cash or points for first, here our the best business class options to Bangkok.

1. ANA “The Room” Boeing 777

Business class is where ANA is still the clear leader on routes out of the US. Dubbed “The Room”, ANA offers some of the largest seats in commercial aviation. You can easily confuse this seat with a first class seat as every passenger has complete privacy, couch like seat, and large IFE all to themselves. Luckily for travelers, these award tickets are slightly easier to come by than first class, but by no means easy. Find out how to book this seat on an award flight via Japan onwards to Bangkok.

2. Singapore Airlines A380 or A350 Business Class

Similar to their first class offering, Singapore has an incredible business class product. We flew this a few times from Mumbai to Singapore and Singapore to Newark back in 2020. We got lucky to experience both the A380 and A350, including on the longest flight in the world. Singapore is known for their oversized seats that provide plenty of space to spread out even in business class. While there is no suite door, the cabin provides enough privacy to make you feel like you are all alone.

3. Emirates A380 Business Class

It’s easy to see if Emirates is included in best First Class that they also have a stellar business class product. After a recent retrofit, Emirates is back with their newest design in a refreshed business class. The airline stands out for their onboard serving, providing access to a full bar and a place to get away from your seat. Emirates is also bookable via Air Canada Aeroplan, making it easier for points redemptions on this route.

3. Cathay Pacific 777 Business Class

Cathay Pacific still remains competitive in their business class offering, especially via their A350. You can expect the same great Cathay service with a short layover in Hong Kong. Operating many flights from both east and west coast US cities, Cathay provides several options to continue onto Bangkok either with them or a partner airline. Cathay business class product hasn’t been overhauled in a while but it still provides a luxury way to travel to Thailand.

4. Thai Airways 747 Business Class

While Thai Airways doesn’t have the newest business class, they still provide a great offering. With the most options serving cities in Asia and the Middle East, its easy to find a flight on Thai Airways. Known as the Royal Silk Class, Thai Airways knows how to treat their business class customers. Each one will feel like they are receiving a personalized experience and Thai Airways will give you a taste of Thailand even before arrival.

Best Economy Class

Usually when choosing between economy seats there really isn’t a major difference amongst major airlines. However, on this route to Bangkok, several airlines offer Premium Economy that is certainly a leg up from the standard.

While we won’t cover all the options, here are our favorites to get you into Bangkok.

1. Emirates A380 Premium Economy

With Emirates offering the newest premium economy experience it has to be one of our new favorites. Each seat has the same material used in business class and offers a sense of elegance that is lost on some of their competitors. While the industry is moving towards a more standardized color and material theme, Emirates sticks to its roots and offers a truly unique experience. Premium Economy seats on the A380 has plenty of room for travelers, with a 2-3-2 configuration, as well as a footrest for an extended recline. This seat really puts the “premium” in economy travel and you surely won’t regret booking this seat for a long flight.

2. ANA Premium Economy

Not far behind Emirates is ANA premium economy. While the seats are not as new a their Japanese counterpart Japan Airlines, you can still expect a very comfortable experience, elevated service, and some of the highest quality airline food. ANA makes this seat much easier to book on award tickets than business class but you can still expect a decent price increase from economy if you are paying cash.

3. Thai Airways A350 Economy Class

Lastly, Thai Airlines offers a good economy experience with a generous seat pitch of 31/32 inches. Onboard the A350, Thai Airlines will give you a taste of the local experience in their service, food, and design. You can easily find a seat on Thai Airways given the amount of destinations they fly to. If you are planning a journey on a partner airline out of the US, you can’t go wrong flying Thai Airways on final approach to Bangkok.

Summary & Takeaways

Given the requirement to fly with a stopover to Bangkok, there are many options on the worlds leading airlines. This makes it a bit harder to decide but your options especially for premium class are plentiful.

Bangkok is still one of the leading travel destinations we hope one day nonstop flights are offered again to the US. If the FAA lifts its order, lookout for expansions especially from Thai Airways that will most likely to operate service.

Until then enjoy the options of major leading airlines on your trip to or from Bangkok as you still have plenty at your disposal.

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