How To Bid For First Class on Swiss Air Lines

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Have you ever dreamed of flying international first class? Often deals come up with business class fares that can be somewhat affordable but first class? More times than not the price is so out of range for most flyers they don’t even consider it.

But Swiss Air Lines makes the process somewhat attainable. Here’s how you can do it.

First of all, you need to be booked on a business class ticket. This is not great news since business class is not cheap.

However, we’ve found trips like the one below nonstop to New York for under $2,000 round trip.

Swiss Business New York to Zurich
JFK – ZRH Business Class via Google Flights

Noting that this flight can often be $4,000+ we would say this is a great deal.

Ok now that you have a business class ticket you are eligible for a bid upgrade to Swiss First Class.

A bid upgrade is when you can submit an amount you are willing to pay 48 hours in advance to fly first class. This is great because you can now decide how much the upgrade is worth to you an it certainly will be significantly cheaper than buying it directly.

For the same flight going for less than $2,000 business class, a first class seat was a whopping $6,273!

JFK – ZRH First Class via Google Flights

Swiss first class offers a number of priority access to lounges and through the airport. However, the real highlight is the seat.

Also, as expected the food is incredible as well.

Now that you are all ready to attain first class, here is the official process.

Requirements for Bid Upgrade

Bid Upgrade is available for all SWISS long-haul flights. In order to be eligible to place a bid, a ticket must be issued at least 132 hours before departure.

There are a few exclusions due to local laws including bids from Brazil, India, and flights to and From Tel Aviv.

How To Bid Upgrade To Swiss First

You can also place your bid directly within Manage booking.

  1. Enter your bid per route, and follow the further instructions on the website. As soon as your bid is received, you will get a email confirmation.
  2. You can change or withdraw your bid at any time up to 132 hours before the planned departure.
  3. Between 132 and 48 hours before the planned departure time we will inform you by email whether your bid has been successful or not.

If your bid is successful, the amount will be debited to your indicated credit card. We will then send you new e-tickets and your SWISS First boarding passes at check-in.

If your bid is not accepted, the ticket you originally ordered and received will remain valid, unchanged.

Now it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it and if you would take our advice we say go for it.

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