Food Review: Vistara Airlines Economy Class from Bengaluru to Mumbai

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When traveling abroad in Asia and looking for a cheap flight between two local cities there is a high chance of coming across airlines you’ve never heard of. This is what happened in my case with Vistara Airlines.

I searched a flight from Bengaluru Airport located in Southern India to Mumbai, which is just a short 1.5 hour flight.

I wasn’t familiar with most of the airlines that service this route, but after doing a bit of research and seeing that Vistara is created by Singapore Airlines, I knew that this airline would be an appropriate pick.

After all my flight on Singapore Airlines A350 could have been the best food I’ve been had on an airplane. And my meal on a flight via the A380 was a close second. After all being a Singapore Airlines elite member you also get quite a few perks flying Vistara.

I was ready for what this airline had in store for me, and settled in looking forward to try the Vistara airlines food.


As we boarded I noticed that the seats looked pretty comfortable for economy class. The cabin was well designed and completely spotless and clean. I debated springing for business class, but this was such a short flight that I didn’t really see the point.

I had heard that despite the quick, 1 hour journey, that Vistara airlines still served in-flight food. In this case I was happy to give it a try since I was starving and hadn’t eaten prior to take off. I was expecting something of snack size, but what I got was a pleasant surprise.

Vistara Airlines food
a small but full meal

I didn’t have a choice in choosing my meal aside from picking a vegetarian or non vegetarian option. Being in India I happily chose the veggie selection.

Vistara Airlines Veggie Dish

Idili Hot Dish

What arrived was an idli, similar to a rice patty, prepared in a tomato based sauce. The dish came with a side of a popular Indian grain. The food was served warm and actually way more flavor than I expected. I’ve eaten this dish many times in Bangalore, and while the on board version wasn’t as good it came decently close. I happily finished the entire dish.

Economy class, especially on short haul flights, tend to not have the best food. And that’s if they even have food at all.

We’ve noticed from others the Vistara Economy food tends to be packaged decently well.

It looks even better up in business class where the Vistara food looks like it can rival almost any airline out there.

But in this case I support Vistaras effort to provide a nicely portioned meal. For such a cheap flight I would happily look into flying with them again anytime that I am in the region.

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Pradip kumar Som
Pradip kumar Som
10 months ago

I travelled by vistara yesterday from kolkata to Mumbai which is a 2hrs plus flight.It left kolkata at 5.50 .I was expecting a good meal ,instead what was served is a veg roll only.The fare is comparatively higher in Vistara and besides me most of the passengers were disappointed

9 months ago

I travelled by Vistara 3 times in last 2 weeks and every time there was either a small hotdog burger or a roll. The taste was good but the portion size was small.

Daleep Singh
Daleep Singh
9 months ago
Reply to  Manu TEWARI

I had. Even worse experience, service is pathetic and flight is over priced. Would not recommend this airline

Rathna Prithvi Rajan
Rathna Prithvi Rajan
7 months ago

Well last week traveled chennai to mumbai n back after a week by vistara but got just 200ml water bottle.

Ashish U
Ashish U
7 months ago

I travelled with my family on Vistara yesterday morning from Mumbai to Chennai.

Personally speaking, I would rate the entire experience 9/10. Also being from the travel industry I can understand either sides. We were served exactly the same meal (idli sambhar and vermicelli upma) with bottle of watter. No hot beverages (not an issue).

But all of this was clearly mentioned during the time I had contacted the enquiries team for reconfirming the flight dep.

7 months ago

I traveled by a Vistara flight from Patna to Delhi on 18th Oct, 21 and let alone a veg roll people are complaining about, we were served a 200 ml packet of juice. That’s it!