A Guide To Hertz Corporate Codes and Discounts

hertz car rental codes

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Hertz is one of the most car rental agencies with about 9,000 locations worldwide. It’s no wonder it is a popular choice for both business and vacation travelers.

Employees from consultancies, banks, universities, and even tourists rack up thousands of car rents each year at outlets around the world. Best for all companies have negotiated a special discounted rate just for their employees and Hertz also regularly offers discount codes for all.

If you happen to be associated with one of these organizations or locate a car rental discount code you can take advantage. The discount can be sometimes as much as 30% off the regular rental rate and will typically include additional perks.

Depending on where and when you are traveling the availability will vary. If you are a business traveler or looking to score a discount then here is how you can book a special rates on Hertz rentals.

Locate your corporate or discount rate

If you work for a major corporation or are familiar with Hertz discount offers then you just need to select the one that is right for you.

Here is a list of Hertz special codes we know to be working but there may be many more. Lucky for us Hertz also has a dedicated deals page on their website for limited time promos.

CompanyDiscountCodeCheck Rates
HertzAAA210451Check Rates
HertzAARP 20% Off2007815Check Rates
HertzMilitary Discount1238193Check Rates
HertzDeloitte2026979Check Rates
HertzAccenture260290Check Rates

Many companies have multiple rates with Hertz so make sure you try all the ones assigned to your given organization.

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Input it into Hertz search

Hertz makes it straightforward to search using a discount code. Simply navigate to the make a reservation page and navigate to the “special codes” area. You will see a dedicated section and here is where you will want to enter your code.

Hertz Rental Car Search

As soon as you enter your rate and click “Select My Car” all the results will be eligible for that rate.

Compare rates and book

One thing to know that corporate or discounted rates are considered “Special Rates” and can rarely not be the cheapest. There are a lot of reasons to why but hotels may be running their own special making the standard rate lower than the corporate rate for a given night.

Make sure you complete your search both with and without the code to compare your options.

hertz compare rates

From there you can select the cars that are eligible and complete your booking.

When picking up your car

This may not always happen but if you are using a corporate rate the Hertz employee could ask for identification upon arrival.

Acceptable forms of identification include

  • A badge or pass with the company name and picture
  • A business card that includes your name and company
  • An email address the hotel will confirm by sending you a confirmation

Note this is rare but you should be prepared incase they ask.

Hertz usually has lots to offer in terms of corporate and discount codes so make sure you do your research in advance of booking.

If you are aware of a rate that we don’t have listed let us know and we will get it added!

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