A Guide To Marriott Bonvoy Explore Employee Rate


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The Marriott Explore program is a special discounted rate employees can use when vacationing at Marriott properties around the world. The discount level has two tiers, an employee rate and friends and family rate, that differ greatly in discounts and availability.

If you are lucky enough to be one of Marriott’s 200,000 employees, or even know one, then you might be eligible. It’s not unlikely to save over 50% on nightly rates at properties so find out how to book below.

Rate Eligibility

Each rate includes a unique code that must be entered in the “Corporate/Promo/SET#” field when searching for a property on Marriott.com

  • Marriott Explore Rate (Code: MMP)
  • Marriott Explore Friends Rate (Code: MMF)

The Marriott Explore Rate is for employees and immediate family members.  Family members includes spouses, domestic partners, parents, parents’ in-law, brothers, sisters and children. Unfortunately any extended family is not covered under this.

The Marriott Explore Friends Rate is eligible for almost anyone as long as it’s an authorized friend of a Marriott employee. The rate is not as good and the employee rate, but still can offer some nice savings.

To use the Explore Friends code, all you need to do is ask a Marriott Employee for an Explore Rate Authorization Form to be completed.  They can get this from either Marriott Human Resources or download it directly from the Marriott Global Source intranet site. There is nothing preventing you from searching the Friends and Family code in advance but you’ll need this form before you travel.

Note, you will need to bring a printed out copy of this form to show the front desk when checking in, along with your photo ID.

Keep in mind that the Marriott Explore Rate is reserved for vacation purposes only. If you are traveling for business you are not authorized to use the discount

How To Book

In order to find prices and making a booking you will use the same process when using a corporate code to book a Marriott property.

Marriott makes it straightforward by simply navigating to the search bar and expand the column titled “Special Rates”.

Book Marriott Code

As soon as you enter your rate and click “Find Hotels” all the results will be eligible for that rate.

Compare Rates

After the rate is correctly inserted you will be shown the lowest eligible for every hotel.

If you click into a hotel you can compare rates to standard.

Every Marriott hotel comes up with their own policy and discount to support the Explore program. Sometimes the discount can be substaintial while others it can be fairly minimal.

Take this example for the W in London. Using the MMF rate you save 50% off the nightly rate which is a huge discount for a category 7 hotel.

The MMP also gives significant discounts which when available are usually better the MMF.

Take this example at the St Regis Mexico City. You save a whopping 63% off a nightly rate which is one of the highest discounts we’ve seen.

How do I get the Marriott Authorization Form?

You will have be an employee or have Marriott HR provide the form.  Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Marriottforms.com
  2. Enter your EID and password.
  3. In the Form/Card Number field, enter the Validation Code to pull up the validation information.
  4. Make sure the following information matches;
    • The Associate Name field must match the form’s (Name of Associate),
    • The Guest Name field must match the form’s (Name of Guest), and
    • The Expiration field must match the form’s (Expiration Date).

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11 months ago

Can an employee book MMP for one room at Marriott hotel A, the employee’s parent book MMP for one room at Marriott hotel B, and the employee’s sister book MMP for one room at Marriott hotel C – the same night? In other words – none of the family members are staying at the same hotel. But this would be three MMPs under one employee name for a specific date?

11 months ago
Reply to  Rohan Lala

We used it just fine as listed above this past weekend. Three MMP rooms in three separate hotels on the same night! Employee, Parent, Sister. Yay.

4 days ago

Is there a limit on the amount of nights an MMP close family member can stay? Like can I book a 5-7 night vacation, assuming I’m the only family member in that hotel.