Review: JW Marriott Grosvenor House London Executive Lounge

JW Grosvenor House

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Executive lounges at hotels are not as common as they used to be. It’s always a treat when a hotel has a great executive lounge as it’s one of the most convenient places to grab a quick bite and relax.

On this trip I was checking into the JW Marriott Grosvenor House in London and didn’t actually know they had an executive lounge in advance.

While I was hoping for a nice upgrade due to my status, I only received a slightly better room due to the hotel being full. I was however granted access to the executive lounge with my Marriott Bonvoy Titanium Status and it turned out to be hugely helpful throughout my stay.

I arrived to the hotel early in the morning and unfortunately my room wasn’t ready. However, I was allowed into the lounge and used it frequently throughout my stay.

The JW Grosvenor House is located on Park Lane in Mayfair, London making it one of the most desirable locations to stay in. I arrived at the hotel while skipping some of central London traffic.

Upon entering the lounge I was surprised at just how spacious it was. Another benefit was it was breakfast time and the lounge had a full spread available.

The lounge has multiple open spaces that have plenty of seating available. Even though the hotel was full I never really felt the lounge being overly crowded, another big benefit.

The areas of the lounge are divided into a few sections making it feel bigger than it was. The main entry way had formal tables where you can sit and have a meal while other areas have couches for you to relax.

The lounge also featured a TV room that was often empty throughout my visits there.

Now once I got settled I could see the breakfast spread being laid out and I was excited to check it out.

As you approach the breakfast area there is an island with all sorts of items. There was few types of muffins, pastries, fruit, and breads to choose from.

To the side of the island there was an assortment of cereals, nuts and cheeses available. I haven’t been to an executive lounge in a while but I was surprised at the amount of options they made available.

As you can see later in the stay they will adjust this island to include cheese, nuts, and a various assortment of breads.

The breakfast area also has a hot section located just behind the island.

The hot section included a buffet of eggs, sauces, bacon, and oatmeal. A big benefit I noticed was the frequency they changed them always making sure there was fresh food out for guests.

Come lunch time they would individually portion many items, taking a page out of Amex Centurion Lounge food that I like so much.

To the side of the island was a refrigerated that was also kept stocked throughout my time there.

This featured cold cuts, salmon, yogurt and other items that benefit from being refrigerated.

Another thing I noticed about this lounge is the amount of drinks they made available.

During breakfast time there was an assortment of juices and mile available as well as a few coffee machines located nearby.

The lounge also featured these drink fridges that were stocked all day with beer, soda, and other juices. I found these to be a great place to grab a bottle of water before heading out for the day.

The lounge tended to rotate food offerings while I was there but there was always some snacks on hand. Fresh fruit was available in the mornings and a great way to have a light breakfast.

I spent a lot of time in the lounge throughout my stay and regularly visited for breakfast. Many times in the past I skip hotel breakfast simply due to the common overcrowding in the dining room.

On this stay I would say the executive lounge actually made my stay and I was regularly in and out like it was a private club.

While many hotels have done away with executive lounges I actually think it provides an incredible amount of value. Since I travel to London often and this was my first stay in the JW, I would stay here again just for the benefit of having the lounge.

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