How To Convert A US Vaccination Into An EU Digital Certificate

eu covid pass conversion

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As more countries require Vaccine passports we will continue to update this article with how to convert your US vaccine over

Vaccine passports have arrived and with them come tons of confusion into what is acceptable, how to get it, and what you should do if you have questions.

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen countries such as France and Italy require them for all activities ranging from Museum visits to restaurants and cafes.

However, if you are not located in the EU and traveling from the US (or elsewhere), obtaining a digital certificate is a very confusing process.

We found the official way to get a EU digital certificate by country and will help you in the process below. For more up to date information, find details for foreigners at EB5 Insider.

What Is an EU Digital Certificate?

First off, a Vaccine Passport/Certificate is a one-piece document that can be issued to a traveller in both a paper and digital format. The key piece is they now must contain a unique QR code that is to be scanned to grant access to certain activities.

Depending on the traveller’s status, there are three types of passports launched.

  • Vaccination certificate
  • Negative test certificate
  • Recovery certificate

All three are considered acceptable to travel, dine indoors, and visit museums or other places with large gathers.

How To Obtain An EU Digital Certificate

If you are vaccinated in an EU country then this is easy. After March all vaccinations provide you with the unique QR code and you can load them into your phone digitally via a service like

If you are not from the EU then this is very tricky and we will tell you how to get one depending on the country you are traveling to


Information out of France can be confusing since the rules went into place on August 9th. Original reports stated pharmacies were allowing individuals to convert their foreign vaccines to French certificates but we found this not to be the case, as most pharmacies refused.

Here is the official process of transferring a US approved vaccine to an EU Digital Certificate in France.

Fill in the proper application:

A PDF of the official application can be found here

Prepare the following information

  • A vaccination certificate issued in accordance with the rules of their country of residence, demonstrating full vaccination with a vaccine approved by the EMA or equivalent ;
  • a valid passport;
  • return airline tickets;
  • The application form available to download from France Diplomacy and the websites of embassies and consulates.

Foreigners must send their application to:

Once you send off your email we find the wait time to be variable. Some got it in less than 1 hour while others were waiting for at least a day.

For more information on France visit here

What we know at this point is this is the only way to get your US vaccine officially converted into an EU digital certificate. If you have not already done so and are traveling or plan to travel to France we highly recommend you do it right away.

As more countries as for Vaccine passports we will continue to update this article with how to convert your US vaccine over

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